Our Friday night...and some pictures

I am putting a few new pictures of the boys on here. I noticed it has been a while...

Well, it is finally COLD around here. We have been wanting winter and I think it has made it's presence known! I made chili for dinner. I think I'll eat some on a hot dog since I'm going to have to make one for Noah anyway. He does not like beef! And I don't feel like a fight tonight! Anyway, we got up early, mainly because Noah went to sleep around 7:00 last night. It was nice. I had both boys in bed by 9:00. Then me and my stupid self stayed up til 2:00am reading blogs. Oh well. I never have the time to do that! Jonah is already asleep, I doubt for the night, but who knows! I think he may be going through a growth spurt. He wants to eat cereal ALL the time and seems to be sleeping a lot. I did get the boys bathroom clean, and I mean CLEAN, while he napped this afternoon. I still need to mop but he woke up before I could get that done! I will do that after I eat. Andrew is out working tonight. Sometimes I feel like a single mother! But he is off Sunday from both jobs so we will actually have some family time after church. I think we have one church this Sunday too. I don't know if he'll want to go or not. It is about 45 minutes away. We will see. I am going to eat so I can get Noah in the tub and maybe to bed by 8:30. Then maybe I can catch up on the about 10 magazines and last Sunday's newspaper before Andrew gets home! Have a great weekend!

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Thanks for stopping by our blog earlier! I think the heat is fixed...for now...we'll see how it works out! Your kids are adorable! It's nice to know that someone else is in the throws of CRAZINESS!!!


By the way...I love your header! It's precious. I am going to add you to our roll. :)