Our Wednesday

Well it is another late night for me! I am truly a night owl. But with kids I have to be an early riser too, so I am getting better. I was so lazy today. I stayed in bed(not sleeping the whole time) until about 12 noon! Andrew was off today and it was cold so we just decided to stay home and do NOTHING! We took Noah to "Pizza Planet" (from Toy Story), which is Stevie B's to everyone else, before church. He loves that place! We like it pretty well too and it is cheap for us to eat there as a family. Church was great tonight. I think a lot of people didn't come because we had a hint of snow and some sleet. Our pastor talked about how the church is made up pennies and dimes, not Platinum credit cards. He was talking about the people that are in the church. It really opened my eyes about outreach. I have been really lacking in that area! Not that it's an excuse but I do have the 2 boys, sometimes it is hard for me to get involved in things at church. I do want to find something to be used for and not just be a cheek in the seat! I will pray about it and see where God leads me! I am going to bed now as the washer is finished and I can put Andrew's work clothes in the dryer! Good Night!

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