Menu Plan Monday 1-4-10

I can not believe I actually put 10 without putting 09 first! I am going to try to post this each Monday this year. I notice that it is much easier to stick with my budget if I plan out our meals each week!

Monday- cubed pork, rice and corn

Tuesday- eat with my parents or Chicken, broccoli, and rice

Wednesday- lasagna and bread

Thursday- leftovers or Chicken, broccoli, and rice

Friday- Chili

Saturday- pizza and breadsticks and it's Family Movie Night

Sunday- Hamburgers

Our breakfast this week will be oatmeal, muffins, and cold cereal and our lunches will be sandwiches and leftovers!

I went to Publix this morning and spent $25.10! I got meat for this week and a few other things. We are set for this week other than probably some more milk, and I just realized we are almost out of toilet paper! May have to make a trip to Target today! But we will defiantly be below my $50 budget! Whoo Hoo!

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