You never know...

when God is going to show up!

Yesterday Andrew was told he would be promoted! This is an answer to a LONG awaited prayer, and not just by me!

He will be closer to home and the extra money won't hurt either!

He has been working an hour away for the last five months and will now be only be about 15-20 minutes away from home.  He is excited about this move. He told me last night that except for the night that he closes, he should be home by 5:30. It really means a lot to him to be home to eat dinner with the family and do some family nights. Noah has been advocating Family Movie Night and Family Game Night, so now we can plan them during the week instead of the weekend.

I think that Andrew is finally getting to the point that he really wants to be more family ordinated. It is something we have fought disagreed about in the past. He hates missing out on so much of the kids lives.  I think he is realizing that they are getting older and time doesn't stop for anyone.

We thank God for this! Jesus you are awesome and you are an on time God!

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