More than they will know

Have you ever had one of those days?

You know, the kind that you wish you were on vacation.


Yeah, that is how I felt today.

After the fighting, the pushing of the little sister, all the laundry, ALL the dirty diapers, and then the puke...

Yeah, that did it for me.

I feel bad sometimes wanting a day or an hour away.  ALONE.

I know there are women who want children more than anything, that have lost babies...

And I remember that even when they drive me crazy,

I am blessed.

And I love them, more than they will ever know.

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Holley Gerth

Thanks for your honesty and heart! Beautiful post.

So glad you're joining in the Rest of Your Story series! (:


You are a great mom because you are honest and can admit that you are not perfect. How boring life would be if we were. I love you.