I'm here, but not here

I am here, but don't feel like I am here! I got hit with a cold that is kicking my behind!

All 3 of my children have been to the doctor and gotten antibiotics for ear infections in the last 3 weeks. I thought I had avoided it, but last night I started with some coughing and my throat hurting, and this morning woke up with  hardly a voice! Not great when I have a 2 year old and 2 ones year olds! But maybe it will a calm day...

Speaking of calm, Jonah has chilled a little bit in the 2 year old attitude department. And I mean a little! I got a new book, Have a New Kid by Friday, by Dr. Kevin Leman. I ordered it from MOPS and so far the tips in it are helping. It is really about the parents changing their ways of doing stuff, but I have learned a lot form it. So far, as long as I am consistent, it is helping! So maybe it should be called, be a new parent by Friday, but that would make people not want to read it!

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