Menu Plan Monday 2-1-10

I can not believe we are already a month into 2010! My plan went well last week. I only strayed two days, one when I was having a completly lazy day on Saturday. I caved to the craving of Chinese Food! I will blame on the History Channel. They had a show about Chinese food and it made me want some! And then on yesterday I decided that I wanted some chicken and dumplings since my mom was making some for their church dinner!

Yeah! Andrew started at his new "job" on Saturday so he is closer to home! I may make a few more complicated recipes this week. It just depends on how my day goes!

I was planning on taking pictures but between me and one of my children, my camera is broken!  I left it where little hands could get it, so until I get a new one or get this one repaired, I will have some boring posts with no pictures! I like pictures in my posts, so I may have to go borrow some!

Any way, here's our menu for this week:

Monday-Hamburgers at Andrew's request!

Tuesday-Itailian chicken, rice, and carrots

Wednesday-frozen leftover baked spaghetti

Thursday-hamburger steaks with mushroom gravy, potatoes and a veggie

Friday-pizza, depending on the day homemade or we may order out!

Saturday-We are invited to a wedding! Congratulations Talitha and Nelson!

Sunday-roast in crock pot

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