Peace and quiet...for a minute

I am sitting in the most quiet this house had been in a long time! All 3 of the kids are asleep! The baby that I am watching had a difficult week last week. I don't know if she has stomach problems, is constipated, is already having withdrawal, or just was held a little too much before her mom went back to work, or all of the above! She is just 7 weeks old! Then my mom gave me the idea to try one of Jonah's pacifiers on her. It is working so far! While my mom and dad were out yesterday they bought a pack for her. And she seems to like it. No crying so far today! Yeah!

Jonah got up with me this morning at 6:30 so he is already down for a nap. Noah is not awake yet, which is fine with me, because he went to bed pretty late last night. Again.

I better go, I hear Lili. Sounds like she is trying to poop! Poor baby!

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