Finally...another post!

It seems like it has been forever since I have posted...wait a minute! It has! We had an interesting week and weekend! The week was spent taking care of the 4 kids, Gwen came back from Mexico and we had her starting on Wed. Let's just say, I'm really glad I don't have TWINS! Gwen and Noah are both really strong willed and hard headed! I used to think that no one could be more hard headed than Noah, but I believe Gwen has him beat! I have learned to be consistent, and I admit it took some time! But I know it is best for them.

On Saturday we went to Wrens to my cousin Amy's house. In case anyone hasn't heard, we had some nasty weather around here on Saturday. A tornado hit in Wrens about 3 miles or so from where we were at! I was scared! We were all really scared. Thank goodness Noah had no idea what was going on and Jonah is too young to know. We decided to leave since Amy and Brian live in a really nice double wide, but like you always hear, you should leave and go to more sturdy building. We were going to go the fire department where Brian and Amy are voluntary fire fighters. The damage there and in Matthews, which is a small town near Wrens was really bad. It really makes you thankful to realize how blessed we are.

In other news, Andrew has started softball with church again. They started practicing on Sunday. Noah wanted to go watch them practice so we went to the park. I have started with what I believe are allergies. My nose is running like a faucet, my eyes are watering...it is about to drive me crazy! I'm sure being outside yesterday didn't help it at all! I took some Clarintin last night but it did nothing! It usually helps so tonight we are heading to Walmart to look at Zyrtek,or whatever the new allergy drug that is over-the-counter, to see if it may help me. We are supposed to go to the zoo tomorrow so I need something! Hopefully I will be able to post some pics after the trip!