Jonah's 1st Birthday!

Has it really been a year already? I can't believe how fast it went by. I was so happy when I found out I was pregnant with who would become Jonah. It was very emotional since after having the stroke I didn't really know if I would be able to have more children. Andrew and I always wanted more than one. At least 3 if not 4, but I don't really know how many C-sections I can handle! I was trilled that I didn't have any problems! I didn't even have morning sickness. When we found out we were having another boy, at first I was bummed! I really wanted a little girl! But looking back I know that God knew that we needed another boy at the time! They were going to have to share a room after all! And thankfully I had saved all of Noah's clothes so we were blessed there too. And the fact that they are only a month apart...I really think God knows what He is doing! At the risk of being too sentimental here is a letter to Jonah:

Dear Jonah,

I am so blessed to be your mom. I admit until the day you were born I wasn't sure that I could love two children. That is until I saw you! Your were so perfect, all 9 lbs. 4 oz. of you. I immediately fell in love with you. I always thought how could you divide your love, but someone told me you don't divide it, it multiplies. How right they were!

You have always been good. You pretty much slept though the night from the day we brought you home from the hospital. You grew up way to quickly! I was excited to get to be a stay at home mom with you and you were crawling by the time you were 5 months old! You starting drinking out of a sippy cup when you were 6 months old. You started walking at 9 months! You have done everything so fast and now you are running! You are my little monkey and have NO fear! I do love how you will come and take my hand when you want to go outside. It is the sweetest thing! I really hope that that is how you will continue to be. Taking the world by storm! Having no fear, and going for what you want in life!

I love you and you have truly been a blessing to our family. My favorite parts of the day are when you wake up for the day, happy and with a big hug for Mommy! And of course at night when you want that last cuddle before you get in your bed. The sweetest moments are the simplest ones. I am so happy to enjoy each and every day with you! Happy 1st birthday to my cuddle bunny!

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Happy Birthday Jonah! What a sweet post! I love you all...Mom


Jonah is such a cuddle bunny and always happy. He truly is a blessing, just like his brother. Happy Birthday, Jonah! We love you, Joe and Bonnie


happy birthday, little man! heather, i enjoyed your sweet words so much. i remember feeling the same way when i was expecting bradley -- worried about having enough love to go around. it's amazing how the Lord increases our capacity to love a million fold. what a wonderful blessing is motherhood!


happy birthday jonah!! i am so sorry that we missed it! we love you so much!!! amy