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I had a few days off last week due to one of the girls having a stomach virus. I, of course, didn't get anything done! I was so lazy! I really intended to clean up but other stuff, like playing with the boys takes a higher order in my book. We had a lot of fun outside. We have had some great weather here. Right now it is 82 and sunny! When Jonah wakes up from his nap we are going to get Noah. He spent the night with Pa and Ma. That little booger didn't want to come home last night after Gramma's party. It was good though because I ended up having some stomach aches and going to the bathroom all night. I know, too much information!

We are going to look for items for Jonah's 1st birthday party next Saturday. I cannot believe that it is here already! His birthday is Thursday. I just can't believe he will be 1! I know I said that already but it is so true! And what really gets to me is that in a little over a month Noah will be 4! Where does time go!? I am really glad that he didn't get into Pre-K now! He wants a baseball party so I will be working on that for the next few weeks. He LOVES baseball! If he doesn't grow up to be a professional ball player I don't know what he will do!

In some sad news...Chloe in now gone. She is going to be living with my Gramma and aunt in Florida. I hope she does okay there. I really can't give her all the attention that she needs. She used to be my baby, but since Noah and Jonah have come along she has had to take a back seat. I know it will be good for both of them. Gramma is alone most of the day so it will give her a companion. I do miss her. I almost changed my mind, but seeing how happy Gramma was...I couldn't do that to her. I love you Chloe and know you have been a wonderful pet to me for 9 years! Okay, now I am sitting here crying! I know she will be okay and I can always go visit her! That will be another good excuse to go to Florida!

I've got to get off her and get on the road. I won't have much time to shop with the girls next here next week so I've got to try to get done today, and maybe some last minute stuff on Tuesday when I don't have the girls. Have a good day!

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Franklin Family

My name is KelliPaige. I was looking over my blog and noticed that button at the top "Next blog" (I think). Anyway, I clicked it and found you! I read about you thinking of going back to work and your husband getting a part time job, your first post, and a few random others. I just want to encourage you and congratulate you on seeing the Lord's hand in your life. I went back to work when our first was 20 months old and worked until our second was almost one (four years!). The Lord slammed that door shut when we didn't think we were able to live off of one income, but He has provided for us for nine years now and I've never had to farm out our third child ; ) This is a long comment so I'll wrap it up now. Feel free to check out our blog, Franklin Family Journey. Blessings to you!