Our weekend

We had Jonah's first birthday party on Saturday night. It was fun with family and a few friends. He was such a cute boy actually blowing out his candle when we sang Happy Birthday. I will put pictures on when I have time to download them to the computer. Probably later tonight. Noah had a fever and was laying around and sleeping all day. So I have a feeling that it will be a late night. He is fine now, so I have no idea what was wrong with him. Just a fever and he complained of a headache. But he is sitting on the couch wanting fish sticks now so I guess he is okay!

Yesterday we had dinner after church at my mom's house. I was going to go to church but we had a rough night here with the boys. One or the other was up just about all night long. So I slept a little late and then went to my mom's to make baked mac and cheese. It was another fun day with family. Andrew worked but he and Noah went shopping last Tuesday and got me cards, hot rollers, and a foot spa. Nice! Of course Noah couldn't keep it a secret! He is too cute! He said they got some things to put circles in my hair. I love that boy!