Where have I been...

It has been a while since I have updated this old blog. I really don't have an excuse...just being lazy! And I have been dealing with a bit of a stomach bug with the boys and me. I didn't have the girls today and I won't have them again until Wed! Yes! Not that I mind them being here, but it is nice to have some time with just my boys!

Andrew was off today so we took Noah to play Putt-Putt. He loves it. It was a little rainy so we only played one game. Then my awesome mom kept the boys for Andrew and I to have a "date-night." We got to go out to eat without with eating chicken nuggets and telling someone to sit down the whole meal! We were going to go to a movie but decided to rent a few movies and go to Wal-Mart to get things for tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, we are going to the lake to celebrate Memorial Day with the family. My cousins are coming from out of town so we are getting together. Should be a fun day!

Have a great weekend!

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that's funny -- chris and i often go to wal-mart on 'dates.' strange but necessary, i guess.