Another week goes by...

What have I done this week? Not much, but I can report that the house is pretty clean, thanks to Andrew and myself. Noah did a little bit, we cleaned his room on Friday. I did most of the work, but at least he stayed in there with me and did a little bit! We now have DSL. I like it pretty well. It is the fastest speed that they have. At first it was kinda slow, but after a while it got pretty fast. Almost like having the cable modem. Andrew has decided to get direct tv, to get the NFL channel. I said football season is over after tomorrow, but he wants to be ready for next year. Whatever you say babe, you pay the bills! He was disappointed though. They came Friday morning and it was raining so the guy asked could we reschedule. I said sure, but what I should have said was, "let me call my husband!" I know what he would have said! I wouldn't want the guy to fall off the roof but my Andrew wants his tv. We have been living with the old rabbit ears for a few months around here. He can't stand it! I really don't care with the writers strike going on! The only show I have to watch is Grey's Anatomy and they have been showing repeats or other shows. Although I must say I rather enjoyed Eli Stone on ABC on Thursday night. A little crazy but it might be a good show. We shall see.

I went to church today to help clean for tomorrow. It wasn't bad. Our whole cell/bible study group went. Then we went to Stevie B's for lunch. I felt a little guilty eating there with out Noah. Although it was nice not to have someone wanting to go play games the whole time you are trying to eat after they rush through their one piece of pizza! My aunt Bonnie kept Jonah for me to go. Thank you so much! I can tell he enjoyed his time with aunt Bonnie and cousin Nathan!

I can't believe that both boys are asleep and have been for hours. Jonah feel asleep on the way home from Pa and Ma's around 8:00 and Noah feel asleep on the way home when Grandma and Mr. Ken aka Pops brought him home around 8:30. He spent the night with them last night. So I think that I am going to bed myself. I hate to go to sleep when Andrew isn't here. I don't really sleep well unless I know he's home, but I am so tired! Good Night and have a great Sunday!

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