To be a mother...

I know I am not the only one who feels this way! Yesterday I was ready to pull my hair out and send these boys packing! Jonah was not happy and would not sleep and didn't hardly eat anything. Which is really strange for him. He finally got alright after dinner and I gave him some Tylenol. I think he is finally teething. Poor baby still doesn't have any teeth. But I'm not worried. I know they are coming!

Noah was another story all together! Some days he drives me crazy! I should have taken him to the park, instead of cleaning out my closet. That may be why they were getting on my nerves! I wanted to get done with it (I finally did after about 8 hours!) and they didn't want to co-operate! Plus Noah really didn't eat anything all day. He has gotten really picky! He's been picky for a while but I could always get him to eat chicken or peanut butter and jelly. Yesterday he wouldn't eat anything! Probably one reason why he was in a bad mood! And he got up a 7:30 which is very usual for him! He usually gets up around 8:00-8:30. So he was tired too! And so hyper! I really should have taken them to the park but I thought it looked like was going to rain too!

Anyway, how things have changed today! The boys have been great, no whining, eating good, and actually behaved when we went out to get Valentine's stuff! Jonah is always good but even Noah got a complement from the cashier. Then we came home for lunch and Noah ate a corn dog, without coaxing! Then we sat and made out his Valentine's and got a present together for
Gwen at church. Her birthday is tomorrow and she will be 3. She is the cutest thing, she's the one Noah is going to marry according to him!

It is amazing how different one day is from another! I love my boys and would never send them packing, but sometimes I feel like I need a break! I guess it is just one part of being a mom! Now I've got to put more clothes in the washer and fold up the ones in the dryer. Then take Noah to make "deliveries." It's great to be a mom!

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Praise and Coffee

I'm so glad that today was better!!
I feel your pain!

I love your header and the quote, soooo cool.