so much to do...

I have so much to do in the next 2 weeks. I am going to start keeping Gwen and her new little sister Lillianna. I have know their mom Emily for about 6 years. I actually trained her when she started at the bank. I wanted to keep her for myself, she was such a good worker. Turns out that her family and Andrew's used to go to church together back in the day. Now we all go to church at the same church. Noah is very excited about Gwen coming to play with him almost everyday. I am excited too. I don't have any girls so this will be an adventure. And maybe some training for one day in the future!

About that, Andrew and I still are not sure whether or not we would like more kids. We both would love to have a girl. But I would like to move first, which won't be for about 4 more years. That wouldn't be a bad time to try to have another. But it will also be like starting over! Who knows? We leave all that up to God, so whatever he has planned we will do!

Anyway, I have to clean, clean, clean before I start keeping them. Not that the house is really disgusting, but if it is clean to start out it may be easier to keep clean. I have so much junk and not enough room for all of it! It looks like it's time to get rid of stuff and throw a lot of stuff away. I have a box of all the "drawings" that Noah has done. He has been able to draw "people" for about 2 years. I hate to throw them away, but it is a huge box! Living in a townhome doesn't give you much room for storage! I will figure it out!

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