Time to vote...

I am going to vote today. I am not going to tackle taking the 2 boys with me! No way! We had to take Noah with us last time to vote and there was such a line! No way am I going to try it with 2! I could wait until Andrew gets home but that will be about 5:00 and I'm sure it will be very busy at that time! So my mom is coming to stay with the boys so I can run out and vote. It is beautiful day and after I get back we are going to the park and to the library.I found a book that Noah loves! It is called "A Monkey Among Us." It is cute and has short sentences so he can "read" it. I would love to buy it for him but it is a bit expensive. The cheapest I have found it for is like $35.00 and that is used because it is currently out of print! I guess I'll have to be on the lookout for it at the Goodwill and yard sales! If anyone finds one for a little less, let me know! Got to go take of a dirty diaper! Have a wonderful day and get out and exercise your right to vote!

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how wonderful that your kind and thoughtful mother came to babysit while you voted. isn't she just awesome!!!??!