My Valentine

It is Valentine's day. This is the day my parents got married. So Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom! They have been married 32 years! They are a real inspiration to us. We hope to be able to take a cruise with them when we have been married 25 years and they will be celebrating their 50th. I think that would be great! Happy Anniversary again!

Now I am going to gush about my husband for a little bit. If you don't want to puke, don't read this part! I'm kidding...well half way kidding.

I love my Andrew. Things have not always been perfect for us, still aren't, but we are working on it! Here is little list of why I love him!

He is my best friend. I can tell him anything and know that he will not judge me. Sometimes he will laugh at/with me, but never judge me!

He makes me laugh like no one ever has! I can be in worst mood and he will get me out of it in a minute.

He is an amazing father. I know Noah loves his dad. He can not wait for him to get home from work to see what he has done that day and to play. And you can just see the love on Jonah's face when he comes in to the room. He always has a smile for his Daddy!

He loves to surprise me, which I hate! I hate to be the center of attention, but he doesn't mind making me be it! But it is wonderful to know that someone loves you that much!

I love that he provides for our family, even if it means that I won't get to spend Valentine's with him. But he makes just about every day Valentine's for me. I know, gag! He works really hard for me to able to stay home with our boys and I love him for it!

He tries really hard no matter what he is doing. It makes a good impression on our boys to not give up just because something gets hard. Makes a good impression on me too! Sometimes I am guilty of giving up because things get hard.

He tries to be the spiritual head of our household. It can be tough, especially when you have a wife like me! I pray for him everyday that this gets easier for him! It can be hard to be moral in this world, but he really tries to for our family.

This is just a short list but I have started with this cold/flu thing that is going around. Andrew had it on the Super Bowl, my dad had it too, and then my mom had it the last few days. It is not fun! I hope that everyone has a great Valentine's Day!

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