Our day 4-15-08

Just a nice day today. A little chilly but nice. Andrew was off today so we ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Then we went out to get Andrew a haircut and we ate lunch at Firehouse. If you have never ate there before I suggest it. They have great subs. I like the New York Steamer. Noah even ate all his lunch! A high five for the grilled cheese!

Then we took Jonah to the doctor because he has had a cold for over a week. Turns out he has another ear infection! This is the 4th one I believe. Every time he gets a cold he gets an ear infection. Poor baby.

We just home a little while ago after meeting up with our friends Clyde and Charlotte for supper. We went to a Chinese buffet. It was pretty good, and actually cheaper than lunch! Andrew wanted to meet up with Clyde to try out his new softball bat. Clyde got a new bat, not Andrew! Those things are expensive! After they hit a few at a church ball field we went to eat. The boys fell asleep on the way home so I think that I am going to bed early as well. 6 am comes early!

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