Some busy days

I am still here...just been busy! Thursday we went to the park with all 4 kids and Ma. We had a nice picnic lunch and the older 2 had a blast playing. Noah slept really good that night! Jonah loved swinging and has us thinking about getting a swing to put in the yard.

Friday the girls left a little early and Andrew didn't have to work at his second job. We were supposed to go a concert at church but Noah fell asleep and was not a happy camper when he got woken up! So we stayed at Clyde and Charlotte's house while Daddy and Clyde went to play/practice hitting with Clyde's new bat. Then we ate over there. It was good, chicken on the grill, one of my favorites.

Saturday my awesome parents came and picked up the boys to play for a while so I could really get some cleaning done. I was proud of myself! I got the whole house clean except for our room, I still have a little work in there. I got rid of about 5-6 boxes of stuff! I did a lot of things that I usually don't have time to do with the boys here. I appreciate my parents so much for helping me out. We had them over for dinner after church on Sunday. Then we went to Andrew's softball practice and let the boys play at the playground for a while. They fell asleep not long after we got home and slept all night. Must be something about being outside and playing hard!

Yesterday the girls were here and for the most part it was a good day. Then we had Bible study and I actually went by myself with the boys. Andrew had to work late.

We have had a few busy days. I am going out shopping for shoes when Jonah wakes up! He needs them, not me! His feet are too big to wear Noah's old shoes so I am going to try to find him some sandals and some sneakers. I am going to a consignment shop right up the road to see what they have. Then hopefully Andrew will be home and we can go to Lowe's or Home Depot to find some blinds. And maybe some paint. Charlotte found a cute 3 drawer chest on the side of the road she thought would look good in the boys room. I think I will paint it red and put baseball pulls on the drawers. It will be cute in the room. I will take pictures, since I love pictures! I will post again soon. My grandma, my Dad's mom, will be here visiting for about a week. Jonah will be meeting his great-grandma from FL for the first time. I will put some pics of us this past week on here and some at the other blog. Have a great day!

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LOVE THE PARK! I took my little Tulip to the park for the first time last week and she LOVED the swing! Can't wait to go again this week.



Heather, your boys are so cute. Sounds like you're doing a great job at motherhood. But I'm really impressed with your maturity....emotional and spiritual. It's obvious because you realize you are blessed with two great parents, that not only devoted their lives to you and your siblings but are willing to be there to help you raise your children. So many times adult children want to criticise how their parents raised them . But you are mature enough to look at their hearts and know that their only motivation was love, like what you feel for your boys! Angela