Visiting with Great Gramma!

We have been busy visiting with Great Gramma! I didn't have the girls on Thursday because Gwen had a doctors appointment and her mom decided not to go in to work. I was doing Turbo Jam when Mom called and asked did I mind if she and gramma came over. Gramma was having a fit to see the boys! Who wouldn't right? Just kidding...

We went to the park for a while and had a great time together. Her mind is getting a little bad so I was so glad that she got to see the boys and have fun with them for a while. We also got together with the most of the family Saturday night in Wrens for my cousins birthday/Anniversary. It was fun, like always. Kariokee (however it is spelled) is always fun! If you haven't tried it, I promise it is addictive!

I went to church with my parents yesterday since my gramma was going with them. Then we had dinner at my mom's with both of my grandmothers. I love spending time with them.

We went to One Church last night which is where a lot of the churches get together and have one big service. It was really good. Andrew's mom and husband went with us. Which is surprising because she is rather old fashioned thinking and thinks that our church is too modern! Even the boys were good! They didn't have a nursery but they were both good! Jonah went and sat with a family that loves him. I think they just miss that there kids aren't babies anymore! They are all so sweet though! You could see him being passed up and down the row of all of them wanting to hold him, which is a hard job anymore!

I am glad to have had the time with my Gramma. There are so many people at my age who don't have grandparents around anymore. I love to go to Granny's house and for her to get to know my children. It really means a lot to me, and I know to them also! I am also glad to have these pictures so in the future I can show my boys their grandmothers and tell them the stories they have told me! I love you Granny and Gramma!

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Great pictures!! It's to bad Andy won't bring the boys so she and Granny could meet them too. You are right alot of people your age do not have grandparents. How special to have the pictures of the boys with both Great-Grandmothers. It's wonderful your have a love and appreciation for both families. We love ya'll and glad to be a part of your life.


woo-hoo...i get to see my grandma (who i call "mammie" sounds like "mah-mea"...amish dutch for grandma) in a few weeks! can't wait!!!! *elizabeth


You are right you are lucky and blessed to still have both grandmothers.Think about the blessings that your boys are getting from being able to spend time and get the special love and attention that only grandparents can give. You are a special and caring young woman who always puts others first and your love for your family -and I mean all of us shows in all you say and do.I love you , Mary


this is a great post, heather. i totally agree with you about grandparents. i consider myself very lucky in that department. aren't we so blessed to have parents who love our children so much.