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Happy April to everyone! I am not that into April Fool's jokes, at least not yet. Maybe when Noah gets a little bit older and can understand more, I may have to find some things to do...

Well, Jonah has weened himself! I am kind of glad and kind of sad! I am glad because he is finally starting to teeth and sad because it feels like he is growing up so fast! I am not ready for this stage of his life to be over, but he will be one in only a few short weeks. I can not believe how fast his first year of life has gone!

In Noah news, we had his Pre-K registration last week. I had wanted him to go, but the more I thought about it, he is still my baby and I want to keep him home with me for as long as possible! So I prayed about it and said that if he is meant to go he will be one of the twenty that they pick and he if is he not, I would be fine with that too. He is smart, so I'm not worried about that. He knows just about all of the letters by sight and does great with numbers. He has been writing his name for at least a year, so I'm not at all worried about that. I do think he could use some discipline from someone other than me and daddy, but with Gwen here he is getting better. Plus, when he turns 4 he will actually go into a REAL Sunday School class, instead of the nursery. I think that will help him too. So anyway, long story short...ha ha, he was number 33 on the waiting list for his school. I was glad, he is my baby and I can wait another year to send him to school. I was glad however to find out that when he starts school he will go to the new Elementary school here in town. He really wants to play baseball, but I don't think anyone will let us sign him up until he is 5. He can play soccer at the Y when he is 4 though, so we will look into that.

I have been doing some major cleaning and getting rid of SO much junk! I am not the world's best housewife and will admit that I HATE to clean. I would much rather play with the boys that clean! But with the girls that I am keeping, (Gwen gets into EVERYTHING) and Jonah walking and getting more and more curious, I have decided to get everything in order and try my best to be more organized! We will see how it goes!

I will leave you with a few pictures that I took with my new toy! Isn't it cute!
I think they have the same cheeks!

My tubby boy! Check out those shoes!
I love Zwieback toast! Another wild hair day!

Happy Birthday to my cousin Nathan! We love you!

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hi heather. my friend sarah recently joined the columbia co. mom's playgroup. she suggested i join. i checked into it and asked if i could join, even though i'm not living in columbia co. i got the ok. then i found out that you are a member. since you were a member first, please let me know if you'd like me to bow out. thanks. lauren